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Free Code Camp

In addition to the prep work with Viking Code School, I have also been completing courses offered through other resources such as Codecademy and Free Code Camp this past month. These courses have added a great deal to the learning process in conjunction with the material provided by Viking, so I wanted to make a brief post about each.

Free Code Camp is a nonprofit organization that provides interactive lessons that lead to certificates in front end development (400 hours), data visualization (400 hours), and back end development (400 hours). There are also several short educational videos on programming with accompanying quizzes. Each certificate includes many lessons and several independent projects that are to be completed. After finishing all three certificates, the camper (as they call their users) is given access to the nonprofit projects. This is what makes Free Code Camp stand out in that you are able to volunteer your time as a new developer in writing web applications for nonprofits. The nonprofit projects are listed at 800 hours and an additional interview prep is listed as 80 hours. This makes for an estimated total commitment of 2,080 hours to complete their entire program (not including the supplemental video challenges).

My experience with Free Code Camp so far has been positive and the lessons help to reinforce code I am learning with Viking and Codecademy. The main draw to this program was the orientation toward completing projects while working toward certificates, both which can be added to my portfolio. The nonprofit projects to complete after the certificates are also great opportunities to get some real world experience, add yet some more examples to my portfolio, and have some volunteer work in coding accomplished.

Free Code Camp’s point system works by awarding a “brownie point” for each lesson you complete. It also tallies a streak of how many days in a row you have completed lessons. As of my original post here (May 20, 2017), I have completed all the video challenges, the HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery courses and am progressing through the JavaScript course alongside the JavaScript courses for Viking and Codecademy. I plan to continue to complete each corresponding topic between the three platforms as I continue to learn.

Rather than writing separate blog posts for all of the Free Code Camp courses I complete, I’ll be listing them below and returning here to update the list as I progress further. Projects may receive their own posts.

You can view my Free Code Camp profile here.

Free Code Camp Coursework Completed so far (last updated May 31, 2017):

  • Front End Development Certification – in progress
    • HTML5 and CSS
    • Responsive Design with Bootstrap
    • jQuery
    • Basic Front End Development Projects
    • JavaScript
    • Object Oriented and Functional Programming
    • Basic Algorithm Scripting
  • Video Challenges
    • Computer Basics
    • The DOM
    • JavaScript Lingo
    • Chrome Developer Tools
    • Big O Notation

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