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Dictionary Reader in Node.js

Exciting update: I am currently in the immersive program for Viking Code School! If has been some months since my last post here. In that time, I continued with the Viking prep work, but decided to hold off on making further posts to save time while I was working and traveling alongside my preparation. After… Continue reading Dictionary Reader in Node.js

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In addition to the prep work with Viking Code School, I have also been completing courses offered through other resources such as Codecademy and Free Code Camp this past month. These courses have added a great deal to the learning process in conjunction with the material provided by Viking, so I wanted to make a… Continue reading Codecademy

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Web Development Basics with Viking Code School

This is an overview of the Web Development Basics course of Viking Code School’s prep work. This first course started with a series of introductory lessons that went over what a web developer is and what they do. This included a discussion of the front end vs. the back end, webs sties vs. applications, how… Continue reading Web Development Basics with Viking Code School