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In addition to the prep work with Viking Code School, I have also been completing courses offered through other resources such as Codecademy and Free Code Camp this past month. These courses have added a great deal to the learning process in conjunction with the material provided by Viking, so I wanted to make a… Continue reading Codecademy

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Bootstrap Jumbotron Clone

The assignment for the Bootstrap section of Viking Code School's advanced prep work involved cloning the jumbotron template from the official Bootstrap documentation. This involved using the Bootstrap grid system of containers, rows, and columns to copy the template using semantic HTML tags. Only a very small amount of custom CSS was needed to modify… Continue reading Bootstrap Jumbotron Clone

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Bootstrap with Viking Code School

Bootstrap is a powerful tool for building responsive websites quickly. It is a popular framework of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that works around a grid layout. The Bootstrap course of Viking Code School's advanced prep work introduced the basic functionality of Bootstrap and explained the grid based system that it utilizes with a container, rows,… Continue reading Bootstrap with Viking Code School