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Basic JavaScript Algorithms

The first assignment in the "Falling in Love with JavaScript" course of Viking Code School's advanced prep work was made up of two parts. The first portion provided a series of problems or algorithms to solve for by writing a JavaScript function. Below I have listed each of the algorithms to be solved, followed by… Continue reading Basic JavaScript Algorithms

JavaScript · Viking Code School

JavaScript Basics with Viking Code School

JavaScript is a client side scripting language that has become one of the most popular programming languages to make webpages dynamic. The "Falling in Love with JavaScript" course of the advanced prep work for Viking Code School began by introducing all of the basic syntax, as well as types and operators, functions, looping, control flow,… Continue reading JavaScript Basics with Viking Code School

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In addition to the prep work with Viking Code School, I have also been completing courses offered through other resources such as Codecademy and Free Code Camp this past month. These courses have added a great deal to the learning process in conjunction with the material provided by Viking, so I wanted to make a… Continue reading Codecademy